Best Places Of Cordova Alaska

Cordova is also called little Alaska, You can experience the same weather and activities as you can in Alaska, Its a beautiful place that can be visited in summers as well as winter, Cordova is coming up as a great tourist spot there are a lot of thing one can do while visiting cordova Alaska.It is also home of USA’s largest national park named as Chugach National Forest, there are alot of activities you can do including fishing kayaking Glaciers tours Heli-Sking.

Surrounded by the huge glaciers, Cordovo has its natural heritage which is still preserved after years of tourism, One of the most critical implication to Cordova is global warming because of which the glaciers are melting and it can be a serious cause trouble some day.Check out the best places of Cordova and do give it a visit in summers or winters

Best Places Of Cordova Alaska

Although its a huge place and there are a lot of places to visit, but Ive compiled few and named them as best places of Cordova Alaska

Glaciars tours

There are more than 5 huge glaciers in cordova alaska, And you can get to them by car, These glaciers provide great opportunity to explore the wildlife of cold areas, You can either hire a guide or go with your friends and discover the area, Make sure you are with all the equipment for climbing glaciers when you go there.

Best Places Of Cordova Alaska

Heli Sking is a life time experience although it takes some real guts to try it but its worth it, there are number of private companies that offer Heli skiing in cordova, there are around 1K miles that can be traversed through sking.


Heli will take you and your friends to peak of the mountain and from there you have to ski for miles along the slope,the air is ice cold but when you get to the ground you will call it best ride of your life.

Chugach National Forest

Huge forst, It slitrelly never ending, Its a great place to explore, It gives you opportunities to explore the wildlife and numerous animals, Beware that animals are wild and you should stay as far from them as possible as they are not much used to seeing humans around. There are number of activities in park including camping, hiking and mountain climbing.


In summers you can kayak in the river water, There are fishes in the river and great surrounding you will live the atmosphere, at night you can camp in the surrounding and do BBQ and Bonfire, All an all it is worth trying.

These are best places of cordova alaska according to me, If you want to share your experience, Do let us know in the comments. You can read more about best places of cordova here