Best Places in Rwanda, Africa to Visit

Rwanda is also known as “Land of the Thousand Hills” It borders Uganda and Congo, Nature has blessed Rwanda with extroordinary beauty, You will see some great landscapes if you choose to visit this place.

Main attraction for tourists in Rwanda is its breathtaking landscapes, Rwanda is also famous for its mountain gorillas, Although there specie is close to extinction only 780 mountain gorillas exist in the world and one third of them are in Rwanda

You can take out time to visit Rwanda and live close to the nature and explore the greatness of this small country.

Best Places in Rwanda

There are not many places to visit in Rwanda but some of them which I consider as best places in Rwanda, I have mentioned them below, If you plan to visit you must have to check out these places.

Volcanoes National Park

This park is present in Virunga mountains and it has 8 volcanoes around it thats why it is named as Volcanoes National park, You can explore great deal of Rwanda in this national park, You can also trek the mountains with the gorillas, These mountains are also home of golden monkeys, Many scientists visit Rwanda each year to research on Gorilla mountains and they mostly place their camps in this park.

Best Places in Rwanda

During you trekking you will be accompanies with the park staff who are very helpful and trained,the way up is very exciting and a bit hard, but you will love it once you get on to the top, that is why its one of the best places in rwanda to visit

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

there are many memorial sites for the 250 000 people who were killed in 1994 in just 100 days, Kigali Genocide memorial center was developed in 2004 with collaboration of Aegis trust, An organisation working for prevention of genocide, The memorial center has three sections, First one is dedicated to the Rwanda genocide and the events which lead to it , 2nd section throws light on genocide in other countries, Third section is dedicated to the children who died in this genocide, If you visit Rwanda, This memorial center should be visited to know about the horrific incidents of pasts.

Best Places in Rwanda

Lake Kivu

Now Rwanda is one of the most safe country in Africa it is also the cleanest country, There are a lot of ways to spend time at Lake kivu, You can hike up Congo Nile which is adjacent to lake, You can also do fishing and kayaking in the river, Its a great place to lay down and relax, Close to the nature with very few things to bother you, You will see never ending water and huge mountains, You can also opt for boat cruise and see around the lake, You can also hire a 4WD jeep and cruise along the river

Best Places in Rwanda

Thats all about best places in Rwanda, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience, Your feedback will be appreciated.To know more about best places in Rwanda visit here