Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Pitiusas Islands commonly known as pine islands, Pitusas means Pine in Greek so the name. There are number of beautiful Islands  which collectively form Pine islands. Ibiza and Formentera are two of the famous islands of Pitiusas, These islands come under the Balearic Islands of Spain, The laws, Language and government on these islands are governed by independent council of each Island.

Pine Islands are situated around 60 miles from Majorca Island, Which is another great island to spend vacations. Most of the famous celebrities from around the world visit these Balearic Islands to spend their vacations, It is famous holiday destination because of its beautiful location and weather.

There was a time when both of major Pitiusas Islands were administered under same council but now both islands Ibiza and Formentera are independent, Until their separation in 2007, Ibiza and Formentera along with other small Balearic islands were called Advice of Formentera and Ibiza. Ibiza has number of barren islands making it look like a solar system with small islands around it, These Islands give a mesmerizing aerial view.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

I will cover some basic requirements of your travel to these beautiful Islands,You should keep the Following points in your mind while travelling and I suppose these are enough as your Pitiusas Islands travel guide.


Pitiusas Islands has two language, Both are quite inter related, Some people speak Spanish and other speak Catalan, If you will find a local, There are more chances he knows both of these languages, English people wont have any problem in Pitiusas Islands but other people with other languages like German and French might have problem communicating with the locals, But you might find number of tourists from your own country and your language who can help you out.


There are number of Airports on these Islands, so you can get to these Islands by air, You can also take the ferries or cruise ships to get here from big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, Ferries can also be used to take your cars to these Islands.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide


Pitusas Islands are famous for their vast diversity in food, There are number of great restaurants on these Pitusas which offer top quality food, Food includes all the varieties, Seafood dishes are considered specialty of these Islands, You can also get great vegan dishes if you don’t eat meat, There are huge number of Olive trees on these Islands, Dishes in Olive oil are part of Pitusas Island Culture.


As I said these Islands serves as a vacation spot to millions of tourists every year, which also includes the celebrities from all around the world, So you will find number of great five star hotels, You can also get accommodated in less expensive hotels, There are also sites for camping where you would love to spend night under the sky full of stars and music of sea waves. You can also book rooms in motels, Which are relatively cheap.

Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide

Thats all about Pitiusas Islands Travel Guide from my side, If you have been to this beautiful place, Let us know in the comments, Or if you plan to visit Pitiusas Islands and you have some queries, Feel free to ask us in the comments.


Kinderdijak Holland: Mills in floodlight

Kinderdijak is famous for its 19 windmills which were constructed in late 1500, These windmills, the surrounding and all of the village depicts the lives of dutch people living in 15th century, Kinderdijak is around 15 KM from Rotterdam, One of the most beautiful and lively city in Europe, Every year millions of tourists make their way to Rotterdam to see the lifestyle of a developed city, when they get enough of posh and city life they make their way to the villages, Kinderdijak is one of the village you will love to visit if you had have enough of city life, the ambiance is full of peace,You can see the best of nature in this small village.

Only one of the Windmill can be visited by the tourists and its functionality can be seen by the tourists, Although all windmills are in working condition, If you want to experience how the medieval age windmills used to work this is best place to see the great invention of ancient times.

Kinderdijak Holland: Mills in floodlight

In September these windmills are decorated with the light, And it is called Mills in Floodlight, It is an ecstatic view to see all these wind mills lined up and blooming in middle of village, People from all around the world come to see this beautiful village, There are also number of great festivals arranged in that season for the tourists. If you are planning to visit Kinderdijak Holland, You should visit it in the tourist season, Then you can find a lot of activities to do in this village.

These actual purpose of these windmills is to drag water out of ground, And that water is used for different purposes, mostly its used for irrigation and cultivation of land, But Windmills are not that reliable as, if there is no wind there is no pumping, Hence no water.

Kinderdijak windmills are also listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites, To preserve the funtionailty of these old windmills the dutch government has done well.


You might be thinking Kinderdijak Holland is a village and it lacks activities for the night parties or it might not have good places to eat, But as this place is visited by hundreds of tourists, There is everything in kinderdijak you ask for, You can find great hotels for staying, There are number of world class restaurants which serve amazing food, there are super markets, A casino, Number of discos and dance clubs, You will never get out of places in this village. There are also sites for camping in Kinderdijak Holland.

There are number of ways to get to this amazing place, Including public transport and car, But you would love the ferry ride from Rotterdam to Kinderdijak. one of the best thing that you should try is cycling around the windmills, Which is much praised activity,You can also skate. along with it there are number of other activities. There are also some great places representing the dutch culture and their history around this village, So you should take out time and explore the most of this beautiful place.

You might wonder why dutch people are represented by a windmill, Holland and windmills are a perfect combination,Holland is famous for the incredible windmills and Kinderdijak Holland is the best place to experience ancient windmills.

Thats all from my side about this beautiful village, If you have been to Kinderdijak Holland or you intend to visit this place, let us know in the comments, If you have any queries regarding your travel or you want to read more check out their official website.

Longmen Grottoes; Buddist Caves and Art

Longmen Grottoes have served to be home of number of Chinese dynasties over the past centuries, it’s a sublime example of Buddhist caves and art. These caves of Buddhist are located along the “Yi River“, it’s about 10 KM away from another tourist attraction Luoyang, which is another ancient city

The number of these caves are around 2100 along with it there are numerous Buddha sculptures and statues. There are around 3600 stone tablets which are inscribed with different scripts and art work, most of the statutes have name of artists who made them inscribed upon it.

Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes are considered one of the most important Buddhist ruins, great number of tourists visit these sites to see the amazing work of Buddhist monks. The inscriptions on the stones have diverse field knowledge, even cures from different diseases is mentioned on those stones, there are some remedies that are still in use even after thousands of year. Chinese government is doing their best to preserve the artwork of Buddhists and they have arranged everything to make it comfortable for the visiting tourists.

UNESCO has also listed Longmen Grottoes in World Cultural Heritage Site. In 2003 Chinese government made large scale renovation to preserve these sites.

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Longmen Grottoes

Following are the sites which are a must see if you ever plan to visit this beautiful creation of Buddhists, I would totally recommend you to visit the following amazing sites.

  • Qianxi Temple
  • Three Bonyangdong Caves
  • Middle Cave
  • Wanfo Cave
  • Lotus Cave
  • Temple of Fengxian
  • Temple of Xiangshan
  • Tomb of Baijuyi
  • District Qinggu
  • Hall of Letian

Over around 2 centuries ago, this mountain carving was started by the Wei Dynasty, and then they started expanding it sideways and now it stands as one of the largest ruin site of Buddhists.

The carvings were ordered by the emperors of the dynasties, great number of dynasties took part in carving these caves over the time span of 500 years. The site was damaged a lot in 9th century, number of statues were destroyed when the Anti-Buddhist campaign was started.


In 19th century travelers from different continents discovered this site and starting looting the treasures present inside these caves. In the search of treasures, many status were destroyed and this sacred place was maltreated.

These sites of Longmen Grottoes are now labeled in English for better understanding of tourists, you’ll be astonished to see how ancient people carved the mountains for accommodation, this site is stretched over 1000 meters.

If you have been to Longmen Grottoes and you have witnessed Buddhist caves and art, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments, and if you are planning to visit these caves and you have some question you can ask us in the comments.

Places to visit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunai

The Royal seat of the Sultans of Brunei, the city is an old city with a new name. The Sultan of Brunei is the most richest monarch in the world and is known for his lavish lifestyle and spending money in his home and his city. The city doesn’t have much of a natural beauty, but the city will tell you how you should spend your money to make your city beautiful. If you go to the city, and wants to see some beautiful places, here is a list of the most beautiful places to visit in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Brunei is said to be the most safest place for tourists,The state has great amount of Oil wealth so they spend a lot to provide the travelers with every possible accommodation and help. The Sultan of Brunei, The 29th is said to have over five thousand cars, Including all the major brands and models of Car.

Places to visit in Bandar Seri Begawan

As the Royal seat and the capital city, it is meant to be all good and all the great buildings are constructed here, Although there are number of great places to visit in Bander Seri Begawan,But I have compiled a list of some great places which are listed below.

Istana Nurul Iman

The official residence of the sultan, and the world’s largest palace. Although you cant have access to the inside, you can have a tour and visit on the outside. But you can visit the palace at the Islamic festival of Eid ul Fithr, you will be invited inside. The palace is an amazing place, a great Islamic architecture and the show of kingly money, and where gold is loved dearly.

places to visit in bandar seri begawan

Brunei Museum

If you are in town, why not know a thing or two about the history of this amazing and wealthy country. Visit the amazing National Museum of Brunei and see how this amazing country came into being.

places to visit in bandar seri begawan

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Probably the most beautiful place of worship in Asia Pacific, and the most beautiful mosque on the region. The Mosque was names after the current Sultan’s father. It is one of the most tourist attracting places in the country, and its unique style and amazing mixed Muslim and Malay architecture make it even more interesting and making it to our list of places to visit in Bandar Seri Begawan.

places to visit in bandar seri begawan

Jerudong Park

The smallest, and yet the expensive amusement park in the whole of Asia Pacific. The park offers amazing amusements, and thrilling rides. After all the beauty you see around in the city visiting beautiful places to visit in Bandar Seri Begawan, this is your place to enjoy.

places to visit in bandar seri begawan


We have given you the most amazing places to visit in Bandar Seri Begawan, but this is not all, we leave the rest to you to discover it yourself, and If you have been to this beautiful place already. share with us your experience.

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Romantic Road Germany Guide

Romantic road Germany was constructed after the world war II to promote tourism in rural areas of country,It was constructed in 1950 and from then till now it has proved to be the most attractive tourist route.Main reason of its construction was to promote tourism in the southern part of Germany and connect it with the central Germany.It starts from Wurzburg and goes all the way to Bavaria and Fussen, The romantic road ends with a beautiful castle known as Neuschwanstein and the Bavarian alps.

Reason why it is so famous and adored by the tourists is that its surrounded by the alluring mountain scenery, You will also see wine farms and rural settlements around the river, It is very close to nature, You will see beautiful landscapes and Historical buildings from the Roman age that are still preserved in their original state. Importance of this road can be depicted by the forts created around romantic road Germany in the roman age to protects the traders travelling from Germany to Austria and Italy, Which were all part of Huge roman empire.

According to many tourists they classify romantic road Germany as the best travelling route and tourists attraction in Europe if you are travelling by the car. Romantic road is said to portray the actual Germany, full of peace and solace, With huge palaces and Gothic architecture.

Romantic road Germany

Romantic Road Germany Guide

Following are the most praised tourist attractions you will see while travelling via Romantic Road Germany:

  • Wurzburg

One end of Romantic road is Wurzburg, One of the famous palace of Wuzburg is Baroque Palace,Its a great wonder of architecture and its stair wall is largest in whole Germany, There are also number of museums in the city worth visiting

  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Every day numerous people come to see the village which served as a inspiration for Walt Disney to make “Pinocchio” film, It is still preserved as it was in Medieval age, You will find number of buildings and alleyways that depict the medieval age, If you want to go back to history this is the town to visit.

Romantic road Germany

  • Nordlingen

One of the few cities in Germany which are covered from the walls from every end, This town has stood still in every battle of world war, It is the same town in which people visiting late at night will hear the chant of “All is well” from Chruch of St. George.

  • Fussen

Fussen is last town of romantic road, Bishops of Augsburg used to spend their summer vacations there, It is also home of Neuschwanstein Castle made by Mad King Ludwig II to find solace from the public.

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Romantic road Germany

In summers, You will also find number of professional guides who are born and raised in that area and they know everything about this route, They can give you all the necessary information about your trips they are best when it comes to guiding on which places should be visited as this route is huge. But they are available only on weekends.

There is also an app of Romantic Road, The app will provide you all the information regarding the nearby tourists attractions and historical buildings that are worth a stop, It also provides you all the details regarding the public transport, details about accessibility, Restaurants, fuel pumps and everything you need to know before you get on this beautiful route. Romantic road Germany app is free to download on iOS and Android.

If you are planning to visit Germany and see this astounding route (Which you should), Then you should also check out the official website of Romantic road Germany for all the details regarding your trip.

That’s all from my side, If you have been to Romantic road Germany, let us know about your experience in the comments. Or if you have some queries about this route, We would love to help you out.

Fussen Germany Best Places to Visit

Fussen Germany is located just 5 kilometers from the border of Austria, Its a small town, But has exceptionally beautiful places tourists attractions, Fussen Germany best places are eccentric. People of fussen are famous for their eminent skills in Violin playing and Violin making, This town gained its importance on the map of earth in roman times.

Fussen has served to be a site for spending summer vacations for  the Bishops of Augsburg.It is present on the beautiful lake of Forggensee,To increase its beauty the river lech also flows through it.

Fussen is foreknown among the general people because its the last destination of Romantic road,This road is famous because while you will drive through this road, You will see great number of ancient and historical buildings which easily catch everyone’s eyes.

Following is just another castle located in Fussen,Location is so prime, Middle of the woods.

Fussen Germany Best Places

Fussen Germany Best Places to Visit

Fussen Germany best places include number of castles of ancient times, Along with that there are spectacular waterfalls and river that are worth visiting, These scenic views are one of the great reasons fussen is very popular for spending summer vacations. Although Fussen Germany best places may vary for every person, Following are the few places which I think are worth visiting if you plan to visit this beautiful place.

  • Kalvarienberg

Fussen Germany Best Places

Its a place near edge of town, When you plan to visit Kalvarienberg you can also see the nearby Lechfall, The amazing two castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Its a great place to spend whole day, There are number of places you can check out, On the top of hills there is an old church and from there you can see beautiful town of Fussen. One of the Fussen Germany best places to be at.

  • Paragliding in the Alps Over Neuschwanstein Castle

When you go to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, You will get the opportunity to see the great castle and its beautiful surroundings from the air, Along with that you will get to experience Paragliding, If you have never done it before, Its truly a life time experience,Seeing this castle and the great green Bavarian alps from the sky is an experience which can not be explained in words.

Fussen Germany Best Places

There are number of very professional guides who can provide you training and packages on paragliding, The guides will make you comfortable enough to experience free flying. Royal Fly Offers Paragliding services there.

  • Kurfuerstliches Schloss

It took around 200 year to construct Kurfuerstliches Schloss, Its one of the last Gothic castle of roman times still standing, This fort was construct to protect the trade route from barbarians,This trade route was between Germany and Rome which were then a part of same empire.

There are number of ways you can get to this place to experience Fussen Germany Best places, But I would recommend you to go by road, As you can also experience the beautiful romantic road while travelling by road, You need to get on Autobahn from Munich and then you will have to follow B-17 to get to this mesmerizing destination.

It is one of the most beautiful creations of Roman Empire, its Huge and mesmerizing, Its located on a hill, When you will visit it, You will be Awe-struck to see its beautiful location.

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Best Places in Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina to Visit

Mostar a beautiful city of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Its also the fifth largest city and most important city of the country, This area of earth has served to be residence of mankind from very old times, City is built along the Neretva river.

Name of the city is derived from native language, As it was gateway to the land so people living in Mostar were called mostari which means “Bridge protectors”, It has also served to be main trade route between rest of the world and Bosnia, Being along the mineral rich river, Many conquerors have tried to get hold of this important city.

Best Places in Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a beautiful country that is worth spending vacations, Although you will find many places to visit if you go to this paradise on earth, But I have compiled a list of best places in Mostar, If you intend to go there someday, Following are the places that are worth a visit.

  • Stari Most

Every year there are number of diving competitions are conducted on the humpback bridge, It was made legal to dive from this bridhe into the water in 2004 and from that day, Divers from different countries visit Stari Most to dive, Also that there are number of Global competitions of Diving arranged at this bridge.

Best places in Mostar

Stari most in a word of native language which means “Old Bridge”, This bridge covers the crystal clear water of neretva river, It works as a joint between the two  towns in the city, it is undoubtedly one of the best places in Mostar.

Whenever you will search for Mostar you will see this bridge in picture, Its a marvelous combination of civil engineering and design, It was designed by the famous architect of old times Mimar Sinan, Although the architect didn’t live up to see the bridge himself.

It is said that in old times, When boy used to come of age, He has to dive from this bridge into the water to prove his maturity, It was quite an interesting old ritual of Mostar.

The Bridge was destroyed in conflicts 2 decades ago, But now it is rebuilt. Stari Most is considered one of the most beautiful medieval age bridge of the world.

  • Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice waterfalls have height of around 25 meters, Best sight is seeing the water fall into Crystal clear water,I bet you would stand there and stare at the water for like half an hour, the sight is so beautiful.

Great number of tourists make their way to kravice waterfalls, Its an great spot to spend your day in hot weather, the Water is ice cold even if the sun is throwing fire. You can also get into the lake and swim.

Best places in Mostar

  • Airplanes Hangar

There is an Airplanes hanger from the Yugoslav time period which lies close to Mostar, Its a huge underground hidden hanger that was built inside mountains, It pitch dark at the night and that when you should visit along with someone, You will love the surroundings.

This remains reminds the people of horrific war era of Yugoslavia, But now this place looks haunted and not even preserved as a tourist attraction.

  • Blagag Tekke

Blagag tekke was home of a Sufi scholar, Its located on Buna river, It was build in 15th Century.

Try to visit this beautiful place after the sunset, You will love it more without the crowd as it sacred place, You will have the divine feeling when you will be alone without the crowds.

It is visited by hundreds of tourists daily, It is located around 10 KM from the main city of Mostar, You can also take a ride on a boat and get into the cave, Cave has a strange horrifying feeling that you will love.

Best places in Mostar

Well I hope I have influenced you guys enough to give this beautiful place a visit, If you are impressed by the best places of Mostar, Let me know in the comments. If you have already been to this place let us know about your experience and which places do you consider as the best places of Mostar.