Top Places of Bariloche Argentina to Visit

Bariloche Argentina is also called Switzerland of south america, It has great surroundings, including glaciers, lakes and astounding mountains, Mostly Bariloche is considered an optimal destination for skiing in winters, But even in summers there are a lot of fun activities to do in this great city of Argentina.

Apart from great scenic views and  massive mountains of glaciers you will also find great nightlife and festivals in the city, The food in Bariloche is tasty, You get to know the south american culture and traditions. there are also shows in the theaters portraying the culture and norms of south america, You will also find some great hotels along with pubs, You can go out in the nature and set your camps nearby lakes or in the heart of some valley covered by huge mountains.

Top Places of Bariloche Argentina to Visit

If you plan to visit Bariloche I have compiled Top Places of Bariloche Argentina to visit, Although there are many places but following are the best destinations for tourists in Bariloche Argentina.

  • Canyon Day Tours

Top Places of Bariloche Argentina

One of the most exciting place to be with most adventurous stuff to do, Canyon day tours offer a lot of great stuff including waterfalls, sliding through water slides and rappelling, there are professional guides who instruct you with all the activities, they also provide you with the necessary wetsuits for the tour. Its an amazing experience and worth trying.

  • Nahuel Huapi National Park

Top Places of Bariloche Argentina

You will get great knowledge about this area at this park, You will see diverse Argentinian culture, This park offers great number of activities, from fishing, canoeing to horse riding and hiking, You will see large number of tourists  participating in different activities, Apart from these activities you can also camp there in middle of valley and lay low, Another fun thing to do is kayaking in the lake, It is one of most beautiful places of Argentina also one of top places of bariloche Argentina.

  • Cerro Tronador

Top Places of Bariloche Argentina

It takes 3 hour bus ride to get to Cerro tronador, But once you get there, Its truly worth it, It offers a great scenic view and it feels like this place is untouched by humans, When you get there you have to hike for miles in middle of beautiful terrain, which you will surely love. But once to get to Cerro Tronador, You will see the huge glaciers, If you want to enjoy nights on top of mountains with lakes around and trekking through the mountain all day, You should visit Cerro tronador as it is one of the top places of bariloche Argentina.

  • Isla Victoria

Top Places of Bariloche Argentina

Boat trip from Angustura to isla Victoria is a must, It’s a heavenly lake between the forest and diverse kinds of plants, You can also take the boat yourself from the port and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, You will see that the Island is in its natural habitat, making it heavenly to visit, You can also get guides who will give you all the information regarding Isla Victoria.

If you have been to this place, let us know what places you consider as Top Places of Bariloche Argentina, Your feedback will be appreciated.If you want to read more and you are still unclear of some things, you can ask us in the comments, We will be happy to help you out.

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Best Of Tropea Italy

Tropea is one of the smallest cities of Italy, yet it is one of the most beautiful City of the world, Greek myth says that Zeus ordered to create a trophy city of the other gods and tropea was created, Who ever created this city, He had beautiful and diverse Imagination, Tropea is no doubt a wonder on earth, People who live in Italy consider it best destination for spending summers, People from all around the world visit this city for vacations.

Its a city alinf with coast line it depicts amazing scenery, Its coast line is also called Coast of the Gods, On the sides of Coastline you will see amazing and huge cliffs and line of resorts, Tropea can be your destination for a long vacation as well, I guarantee you that you wont be bored of this place, No matter how many days you stay.

Tropea is enjoying great number of tourist from years, Although there are not much tourist attractions in the city, But the city as a whole is a treat to eyes, You will find locals arranging different festivals most of the time of the year, along with it there are some statues that depict the history of the City, Let us now move toward the best of Tropea Italy.

Best Of Tropea Italy

Although Its a small city and there are not much places to visit, But there are some sites that can be called as best of Tropea Italy, All the places of this city were considered and the few were selected as best of tropea Italy.

Santa Maria dell’Isola

i need your light tonight

One of the best of tropea Italy to visit, Its along the beautiful Southern coast, This church stands right above the sea, It gives you great view at sunset and sunrise,Coastline is visible from the top of this church and it is must to get to the top of chruch and watch the blue water and coastline, recently Dell’Isola was renovated and it good sublime now.

Piazza Ercole


Center of the the city, If you sit for some time in Piazza ercole you will witness great diverse culture of the city along with the tourists who are present in huge number in summers, At ercole there are number of restaurants and bars, they offer great food, You should take a walk in nearby areas of ercole, the walls of the city date back to medieval age, You will also see 18th Century tocco Mansion there.

Progetto ARtigianando

Tropea, Italy

In Summer the locals promoting the tourism hold these sessions and walks around the city, You got to get one when you visit, They will tell you about the history of the city, Artifacts around the city, You can explore the red route and blue road which are old time routes through the city.

All in all you will love to explore the best of tropea Italy, Its one of best destinations of Italy. If you have already been there, Let us know about your best of tropea Italy in the comments.

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Top Sites of Balochistan to Visit!

Lets lift the accusation of being a cursed land from this beautiful province and I’m here to burst your bubbles regarding this little heaven. People might never find the reality unless it’s experienced by them. Balochistan will give you the most gracile experience of your lifetime and that’s guaranteed. From its trees to mountains, it’s a genuine land of nobility and you’d wonder much why the British revered it.


These are the lights of Defense Housing Authority Survey 114, Quetta.

It may not have the cities of lights, but the silence would swarm up your hearts and light them up with pleasure.

Top Sites of Balochistan to Visit

Although there are many beautiful places, but following are the few which I consider as the Top Sites of Balochistan.

Hazar Ganji, Chiltan, National Park.

Top sites of Balochistan

Due to the health benefits of hiking, people are turning towards this great adventurous exercise, and what place is better than Hazar Ganji! This park would make all your rough, adventurous mountain bike dreams come true or hiking if you prefer to walk. These rocky mountains have a powerful grip to lend you if you have the strength to sustain yourself up the summit. Of course that’s not it, you people do know about the national animal of Pakistan, right ? for those who don’t, it’s Markhor or Wild goat who have found their eternal homes in the folds of these mountains. If you ever feel patriotic enough to a pay a visit to these wild-lings, this is the place to be.

D.C House, Pishin.

Top sites of Balochistan

Pishin Valley is about a 45 minutes drive from Quetta city. It’s a serene and breezy valley in the heart of which is situated this D.C rest house. When you first enter the place, you’ll take some time to absorb the beauty, greenery and purity of that place. It’s an utter heaven to enter to, people. Pictures and words would fail to define that place. And for most of you who are wondering, it’s food is a bonus point. That would be one heck of a dining you’d experience there.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

From kebabs to botis and tikkas, they’re just too ambrosial.

Ziarat Valley, Zero Point.

Another one of top sites of Balochistan is Ziarat Valley, It is about 2 hours drive from Quetta city. Ziarat Valley is a labyrinth, I tell you. It’s an uphill climb, don’t worry! you can drive all the way up because it’s infrastructure is just as great. Now, climbing through your car at one point you’ll have to go up by feet, but the struggle is worthwhile. Zero point is the summit of Ziarat Valley, you can see the whole city below you and count as how much you’ve left behind you. It’s too breezy you’ll fear getting knocked off into a nearby trench. If you’re looking for water within the city, Dumera would be the best choice.


Hanna Lake, Quetta.

Hanna Lake is a beautiful resort-like place in Quetta, It’s one of the top Sites of Balochistan, it’s been under Army’s supervision and is much better now. The site of the lake is breath-taking, and if you’re looking for a four wheeler water drive and canoeing this is just it. Little stalls are up for people to enjoy food, scenery and the adventure which comes with it.


Balochistan may have been portrayed to most of you as a ferocious place, but we, the inhabitants and the one’s who’ve visited it, knows that it’s the golden place of our country.

Well! Above is the compilation of top sites of Balochistan, If you think some other great sites have been forgotten. let us know, we’ll add them into the list. You can also share with us your experience, if you have been to balochistan, Your feedback is much awaited and will be appreciated. Tourism and tourists mean a lot to Pakistan as well as Balochistan, lets join hands to make it a better place for our visitors.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Bologna is an important City of Italy, Each years thousands of tourists from all parts of world visit this beautiful city, Bologna has many tourist attractions but it is famous for its Ancient historic sites, History of this city lies thousands of years before the birth of Christ, This city is along two rivers and numerous canals flow through the city, So you can imagine the scenes of its beauty. Bologna is also very famous for its diverse Italian food dishes.

While wandering around the city you will find tall towers of medieval age and beautiful ancient pathways along them, Best thing about Bologna is that it still has all its ancient sites and you will find medieval culture and norms even in this century.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Bologna is full of amazing places, you will find five star great hotels to old age medieval streets all in one city, Explore this city with us and check out out top sites of bologna Italy.

Walking Tour of Bolgna

At Piazza maggiore you will find private guides, Who will offer you walking tour of the city, Its a must of you visit Bologna because the actual beauty of this city is on the streets, Along the way the guide will tell you all about the city in english and it takes about 3 hours to complete the tour and its totally worth your time, While walking you will see Palazzo Protesta, Palazzo Accursio, Sala Borsa, Palazzo Enzo, Fountain of Neptune of 16th century. Along with that  you’ll see Loggia Dei Mercanti, the Anatomy Theater, Basilica of San Petronio, Archiginnasio, Complex of Santo Stefana

Read More:Top Sites of Sicily Italy

All these sites are worth visiting and considered to be the top sites of Bologna Italy.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita

Sanctuary of Santa Maria is home of hundreds of sculptures depicting the history of this city, You will love the pieces of art that are present in side, Its surely one of the top sites of Bologna Italy, Not just the architecture of building is mesmerising the artifacts present inside the building will catch your attention, You will be lost in the beauty of sculptures.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza maggiore is quite famous in other parts of Europe as well people from different countries visit this center of attention in Bologna, there is also a wide screen on rich cultural shows are shown for free to the tourists, You will find people from different ethnicities and nationalities there and the atmosphere is very friendly, You will also find Statue of Neptune there.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Archiginnasio di Bologna

One of the most interesting and catchy place to visit, You will see the medicine innovators of Italy and their charts, All other details of Italian culture, You can also visit the theater and watch different presentations of plays representing culture of Romans, Museum is filled with great historical artifacts and its worth visiting thats why its one of top sites of bologna Italy.

Top Sites of Bologna Italy

Thats all from my Side, Although there are many other places to visit but above mentioned are the top sites of Bologna Italy, If you ever visit, You should visit these places, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Bologna Official Tourism Website


Best Places in Volusia Florida To Visit

Volusia is a small county present north east of Orlando, Its a great place to visit for vacations, It has number of tourist attraction and some cities of Volusia host thousands of tourists every year, Daytona beach is present in Volusia Florida, If you want to get out of Daytona and explore more things to do in Volusia, We have got you best places in Volusia Florida. This county is full of surprises you will find beautiful landscapes of nature along with it you can visit the historic sites of this County, There are number of festival arranged each years in which you can participate and learn about the culture and people of Volusia.

Best Places in Volusia Florida To Visit

There are alor of recreational activities in Volusia, I’ve complied best places in Volusia Florida, If you are planning to visit this county, Do check out the amazing places you can visit on your tour to Volusia Florida.

Daytona International Speedway

Daytona international Speedway is a race track present in Volusia Florida precisely in Daytona Beach, It home track of Daytona 500 which is one of most prestigious car of NASCAR.

Best Places in Volusia Florida

Daytona international speedway is one of best places in Volusia Florida to visit, You can see great races with a lot of things to do on the race stand, there are also food outlets in the stand, The track hosts also offer tours, They tell you everything about Daytona 500, They also give you a ride of track, the race track is now upgraded and it look great, If you visit Daytona, This racetrack is a must visit.

African-American Museum of the Arts

This museum was founded in 1994, This museum is solely devoted to cultures and art of Africa and America, You will also find a revolving gallery in it. This museum hosts around 200 sculptures and artifacts from the different countries of Africa, The museum also has a theater in which different cultural shows are conducted all over the year, There are scientists in this museum who are devoted in finding history of Spring hill, Its the place where this museum in present.


Highway Rides

Volusia Florida is surrounded by highways, There are different routes on which you can cruise your motorbike or your car and explore more if this county, Its a beautiful place, If you want to take a day out for enjoying the ride, You can take your bike or car on the following routes

  • Northern Route: Its of 97 miles and it takes around 2 hours to cover it.
  • Western Route: Its Around 77 miles long and it takes only 50 minutes to cover it.
  • Southern Route:Its around 52 miles long and it would take just 120 minutes to cover it.

There are different private dealers who lend you motorcycle on rent if you want to traverse these places on motorcycle.

If you have been to this county, Let us know about your experience or tell us which palce should be included in Best Places in Volusia Florida, Daytona Beach is also present here, read more about it here.

Beautiful places to visit in Diekirch, Luxembourg

Diekrich is an administrative division of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is the largest by area, and the least populated, but it is far more beautiful than any other division of the country. As we know the historic and strategic importance of Luxembourg, with a rich history, this place bears amazing things that makes it interesting. Many medieval castles, dating back to the Roman empire. The place also has witnessed action in the World War II. Plus, its amazing beauty, the beautiful hills and the breathtaking view of the rivers flowing through it makes it real amazing. We will enlist some beautiful places to visit in Diekrich for you, which you shall not miss in your visit there.

Beautiful Places to visit in Diekirch

There are many naturally beautiful places and a lot of historic places to visit, that will make your trip all the money you spent.

Vianden Castle

For almost five hundred years have this castle been the seat to the Vianden counts. It is dated back to the 11th century. The amazing hill top view, and the greenery around it explains why the noble counts made this their home. The castle was altered throughout the history, and different piece of architecture can be found, which makes it a beautiful place to visit in Diekirch.





It is a city in the northern part of Luxembourg, the city is known for his World War II fighting history, as well as the historic Clervaux castle and saints Cosman and Damian Church. A green city which is less populated but with an amazing view. The Clervaux castle will make your day. But the most beautiful thing to visit is the river Clerve. Great way to spent a picnic and take your family there. A peaceful place with amazing environment.




National Museum of Military History

The museum is mainly the of World War II battles fought in the country. It has many american and german style weapons. The museum will take you back to the days of the bloody war, with spirrit and passion and patriotism of the soldier. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Diekirch.



A northern village, beautiful to look. The amazing road to it will make you fell in love with driving as you pass by natural beauty and see the amazing hills. The village is also beautiful, lush and green and quite and calm. The most common attraction is the famous Bourcheid Castle, the castles is also dated back to 10th century, with amazing additions that is one if the beautiful places to visit in Diekirch.





Last but not the least, we have the Kneiff hill for you, thye highest peak in the country, the northest part. The hill is one of the mostly attracted places for tourists, and is amazing to drive there. The green mountainous area, with peace and natural beauty, which can make you forget all the worries in your life and relax. This marks the end of our list of most beautiful places to visit in Diekirch district.




This is not it, the place and specially the country has a lot more to offer, all you need is to visit the country with highest GDP, and no country can manage to do it without being simply amazing. Do visit it, and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Best Places of Mallorca to Visit

Mallorca is largest island of Balearic Islands, Spain. In Catalan its called Majorca. Balearic Islands have large area of Spain, It is one of most fancied holiday spot in Spain, People from all over the world visit to see Best places of Mallorca, One of the thing that makes Mallorca so loveable, is its beaches, Along the beach you will find great number of amazing resorts, this island has never failed to impress the tourists. It has diverse culture and it mainly revolves around the coastal life and village festivals.

Apart from the coastal area. second place in queue for attracting tourists is the food of Mallorca, Great variety of food with amazing taste, Many people turn towards this island to spend their vacations, With major attraction being the beaches, there are also many historical sites and natural beauty of mountains and hills worth checking out at this Island.

Muslims ruled Spain with glory and grace for round about eight centuries. Muslims converted Spain into the most civilized and the most charming land in the world. The ancient buildings situated in this beautiful Island Majorca tell the tales of glorious days of Muslims while ruling the Spain.

Best Places of Mallorca

Although there are many places to visit on the Island, but I have made a list which I consider as Best places of Mallorca, If you ever plan to visit Spain do check out these places, The official language of Majorca is Catalan, but most of the people do know Spanish.

Cap de Formentor

You will find Cap de formentor on the north side of Mallorca, At the end of this great landscape you will find a lighthouse,There are tracks which leads to light house, you ought to get there to see the mesmerising view, although it is few miles walking distance, It takes some energy to get there but you will enjoy the view while walking, But if you choose to stay, you can also have great sight from Mirador de Colomers.

best places of mallorca

Le Seu Cathedral

I would call it one of the best places of Mallorca because of architecture of this Cathedral, Sunday is for praying, so avoid visiting on Sundays, Other than that you can visit on any weekday, The True beauty of this Building was when it was a mosque, Christians captured it and turned it into a Cathedral to ruin its beauty, Muslims had great civilization in Spain and ruled it for hundreds of years, Most of the great historic buildings are constructed by Muslims.

best places of mallorca

Cuevas de Drach

Cuevas de drach is considered one of the most visited tourist attraction of Mallorca and one of the best places of Mallorca to visit, It is a tunnel like cave with length of about 1.2KM and height of 25 meters, It has amazing water filled caverns, You can watch in the small boats and enjoy the cultural concerts and shows, It is quite crowded so you better should make reservation before visiting for any show, Otherwise you might have to stand in queue for ages.

best places of mallorca

Castillo de Bellver

One of the most beautiful historic building is Castillo de Bellver, It is huge and if you visit it, You wont have much problem finding your way through and get to know of things. As every historical detail about this place is mentioned on the boards present there. You will find great sculptures and maps of old city, from the top of castle you can see the coastal line which looks astonishing. The building is still in great condition and there is no entrance ticket if you visit on Sunday.

best places of mallorca

Although Mallorca is quite big Island and I couldn’t mention all great places, If you want to read more check out here. Above are the amazing and best places of Mallorca, If you want to share your experience regarding your visit to this beautiful Island, do write to us in the comments. If you have some issue regarding your travel to Mallorca, Feel free to contact us, We would love to help you out.

Places to visit in Amhara , Ethiopia

Amhara is an ethnic division of Ethiopia, it is the northern part of the country. The region has got great natural beauty, with green mountains and the great river Blue Nile runs across the territory. The region is one of the most attracted part of Ethiopia when it comes to tourism. It offers great and amazing places to visit in Amhara. The regional capital is the city of Bahir Dar, which offers amazing and luxurious hotels to stay, and relish cuisine and attractive markets.

It is a great place, stretches about a thousand square kilometers but is connected through roads and is easily accessible. We will enlist, some amazing places to visit in Amhara for you, so you don’t miss a thing when you go there.

Amazing places to visit in Amhara

Although there are a lot of great places in Amhara, But I’ve compiled a list of the most amazing places to visit in Amhara, Which is as follows:

Blue Nile Falls

If you are in Amhara, you can not miss the amazing Blue Nile falls, it is known as the “smoking water” in the local language, and is a breath taking sight to see. Situated about 30 km from Bahir Das, with concrete road, and the area is settled for great tourist attraction. The water falls 45 meters, making it even more thrilling. An amazing place to visit in Amhara.




Lake Tana

The source of the River Blue Nile is Lake Tana. It is elevated more than 17,000 meters. The 84 km long lake is an amazing place to see in Amhara. It is situated in the North East mountains, and is a breath taking experience. The amazing sights of rich green fauna, and the home for beautiful pelicans, it is a not missing place, full adventures and amazing beauty.




Simien Mountains National Park

Situated on the Simien Mountains, the highest peaks of the country. You should visit Ras Dashan, which is the most highest peak of the country, and is part of the National Park. This park is a home to many wonderful endangered species, such as the Ethiopian wolf. It is also home to dozens of beautiful birds. The amazing road connects the park, and is beautifully laid on the mountains. Driving through the mountains is also a plus point of the thrill.





The most holy city of the Ethiopian orthodox christian faiths. The history of Ethiopian Christianity is traced back to the time of the apostles, and is considered to be one of the pioneer nations of Christianity. This place has got churches of ancient times. The place is named after a renowned saint of ancient time of the area. This marks the end of our list of wonderful places to visit in Amhara. But this is not it.

Giyorgis, also called St. George’s Church



Gondar Castles

Gondar is a city where many Kings have resided, the old Ethiopian architecture is still preserved, and amazing to see. These castles attracts many tourists, and being one of the famous city, have got more to offer than old castles.


The above list consists of the most attracted tourist places and  best places to visit in Amhara, the region have got more than this, but for that you need to pack your bag and buy a ticket, and when you do that, share your wonderful experience with us in the comment section below.

Best Places in Rwanda, Africa to Visit

Rwanda is also known as “Land of the Thousand Hills” It borders Uganda and Congo, Nature has blessed Rwanda with extroordinary beauty, You will see some great landscapes if you choose to visit this place.

Main attraction for tourists in Rwanda is its breathtaking landscapes, Rwanda is also famous for its mountain gorillas, Although there specie is close to extinction only 780 mountain gorillas exist in the world and one third of them are in Rwanda

You can take out time to visit Rwanda and live close to the nature and explore the greatness of this small country.

Best Places in Rwanda

There are not many places to visit in Rwanda but some of them which I consider as best places in Rwanda, I have mentioned them below, If you plan to visit you must have to check out these places.

Volcanoes National Park

This park is present in Virunga mountains and it has 8 volcanoes around it thats why it is named as Volcanoes National park, You can explore great deal of Rwanda in this national park, You can also trek the mountains with the gorillas, These mountains are also home of golden monkeys, Many scientists visit Rwanda each year to research on Gorilla mountains and they mostly place their camps in this park.

Best Places in Rwanda

During you trekking you will be accompanies with the park staff who are very helpful and trained,the way up is very exciting and a bit hard, but you will love it once you get on to the top, that is why its one of the best places in rwanda to visit

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

there are many memorial sites for the 250 000 people who were killed in 1994 in just 100 days, Kigali Genocide memorial center was developed in 2004 with collaboration of Aegis trust, An organisation working for prevention of genocide, The memorial center has three sections, First one is dedicated to the Rwanda genocide and the events which lead to it , 2nd section throws light on genocide in other countries, Third section is dedicated to the children who died in this genocide, If you visit Rwanda, This memorial center should be visited to know about the horrific incidents of pasts.

Best Places in Rwanda

Lake Kivu

Now Rwanda is one of the most safe country in Africa it is also the cleanest country, There are a lot of ways to spend time at Lake kivu, You can hike up Congo Nile which is adjacent to lake, You can also do fishing and kayaking in the river, Its a great place to lay down and relax, Close to the nature with very few things to bother you, You will see never ending water and huge mountains, You can also opt for boat cruise and see around the lake, You can also hire a 4WD jeep and cruise along the river

Best Places in Rwanda

Thats all about best places in Rwanda, If you have been there, Let us know about your experience, Your feedback will be appreciated.To know more about best places in Rwanda visit here


Places you should Visit in Perth, Scotland

The early capital of the Scotland, as the old Kings of Scots loved the place, it has a rich history, and as the whole Britain is known for its great palaces and castles which is are standing from medieval times. The place is known for it natural beauty, and it has reasons why the old Scottish Royalty loved the place.

The city of Perth has to offer a lot to the tourists, but the main things will be the breath taking castles and abbeys of the old Scottish Kings, which are now open for tourists to see the amazing English Scottish architecture.

Wonderful places you should Visit in Perth

Scone Palace

Believed to be haunted by ghosts of many early people and hence was abandoned, but this has been the main and the one of the most important palace to the Kings of Scots, many Kings have been crowned here, and many has lived here. The castle has many stories, mainly of it being haunted, and also for its great histories. With many other reasons for being one of the places you should visit in Perth




Elcho Castle

Property of the Earl of Wemyss, who doesn’t live in the place, but is kind enough to tale care of it and has been kept open to people. Build in 16th century by the ancestors of Lord Wemyss, and is still standing now, most of it is. Situated on an amazing location, at the ban of River Tay, it gives the notion of aristocratic luxury and is a fine example of unique Scottish architecture, and one of the amazing places to see in Perth.





Kinnoull Hill

It is a hill near the Kinfauns estates, the hill has got a beautiful tower known as the Kinnoull Tower, which was constructed by Lord Grey of Kinfauns. The tower was suppose to be a romantic folly. You can enjoy the view of the great green lands, the Kinfauns Castle and the Rivey Tay. The place is now a public park, and great deal of tourists love it as one of the places you should visit in Pert.



Moncreiffe Island

It is a place which is surrounded by River Tay, an amazing place which is left green. It divides the water of River Tay into two, leaving behind a great beauty to itself. Most of the island is occupied by King James VI Golf Course. So get a skirt and go golfing in this amazing golf course.



huntingtower castle

It is a tower, where King James the sixth was to be kept after he was by the owners of the Ruthven house. The Ruthvens and their allies attempting to kill the King many times, and at the end the name was abolished by the King, and the lands were confiscated by the Crown. Today all this name has, is this old castle. To know the full story, you have to visit the castle, and you will find it out.



The above list is not it, this city has much more to offer, all you need is to get a ticket and go there, and I am sure you wont forget it for the rest of your life. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.