• Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise

    Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise

    Norfolk Island is a lush green territory between Australia and New Zealand. It was a home for convicts in the nineteenth century, but now it is the home for peaceful countrymen and a beautiful touring site. People visit Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise form far areas, the beautiful green fields, the tall pine trees and amazing beaches are the center of tourist attraction. Norfolk island has an area of 34 square kilometers, with the population of 2300 people only, making it a quite and peaceful place for relaxing and spending holidays. Places to visit in Norfolk Island; Earthly Paradise With area such small, you can literally visit all of the place…

  • Best Places of Beaver Island to Visit
    North America

    Best Places of Beaver Island to Visit

    Beaver Island is a popular tourist attraction, It lies near the city of Charlevoix, It can be reached both by air and by boat as it has airports,Beaver Island is known for Lake Michigan,beaches, forests, Boating and harboring, It is surrounded by lake Michigan and it has number of fresh water recreation sports including Scuba diving, power boating,jet sking and boating. It was first colony of native Americans french invader stopped by and had mormon community ruled by King Strang. If you are planning to visit soon, I’ve made a lost of best places of Beaver Island to visit. Its a great place to visit for a couple a family…

  • Places To Visit in Shkoder; Albania

    Places To Visit in Shkoder; Albania

    Shkoder or shkodra is a city located in the north east of Albania. It is one of the most historic cities of Albania, and also in Europe. It has a great historic importance, and with rich history and heritage it is a great sit for tourists attraction from all over the world. The rich political history has left Albania with great tales to tell and the historic monuments which tells them, and being the gateway to Albania from Europe, Shkoder has got great strategical importance.     Shkoder offers the mix culture heritage of Ottomans and the Europeans, as well as the Italians, as these have been the rulers of Albania in…

  • Amazing places to see in Marrakesh, Morocco

    Amazing places to see in Marrakesh, Morocco

    Marrakesh is one of the major cities of Morocco, it is the seat to the mid-southwestern region. It is the the most important of the imperial cities of Morocco. It has served as the capital to many Moroccan dynasties. It is left with both historical and strategical beauty. Lying in the desert land, with a great zeal of tourist attraction, it offers plenty of Amazing places to see in Marrakesh. The city doesn’t only offers great historical heritages, but quite a beautiful culture, cuisine and music that will take your breath away. Most Amazing Places to see in Marrakesh The city is a place which will attract everyone. For shoppers,…

  • Game of Thrones Real Life Locations Worldwide

    Game of Thrones Real Life Locations Worldwide

    The Famous TV series of HBO has amazing set and it is shot in different beautiful parts of the world, Game of thrones can be named as the most famous TV series, It is based on series of books named as “A song of Ice and Fire” written by George R. R. Martin. Game of thrones is fantasy drama of medieval age, Currently five seasons have been released and more seasons are yet to come, The main story revolves around noble houses fighting and struggling to get in power of Iron throne of Seven Kingdoms. Game of thrones has very broad and active international following, This series has won numerous…

  • Wonderful Places to Visit in Cappadocia, Turkey

    Wonderful Places to Visit in Cappadocia, Turkey

    Cappadocia is an ancient historic region in south Turkey, the region has got a very wealthy history, and has amazing artifacts and ruins of the old civilizations here. The history of the territory is stretched back to the time Xerxes and Achaemenid kings. The most beautiful part of the region is that many of the ruins are left in a very great shape for us to see. The region offers exciting and adventurous ride into history, which wouldn’t be wrong if I say, it will be a “jaw dropping” experience. Some Wonderful Places to Visit in Cappadocia The area for having a rich history for ancient civilization, is known for…

  • Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji, Japan

    Beautiful Places to Visit in Himeji, Japan

    When you think of Japan, the only thing that pops up in the mind is technology, robots, and every thing digital. Everything we associate with Japan is mostly technological. The stereotype notion is hiding the natural beauty of Japan. Yes, Japan has breath taking natural beauty, and amazing heritage sites. Japan existed to be a very prosperous and powerful country in the pre-World War II era. And the history of Japan is very rich and amazing. Now there are a lot of amazing places, naturally beautiful in Japan, but here I would recommend a visit to the city of Himeji. It is located on south of the main Japanese island…

  • Top things to do in Nunavut
    North America

    Top things to do in Nunavut

    Nunavut mostly comprises of Arctic Archipelago of Canada, It is a huge area that is the size of almost whole western Europe, Although it is very scarcely populated, With the density of 1 person every 65 KM. Nunavut is a part of Canada, it is recognized recently, It has many tourist attractions that can be explored, You can visit Nunavut,discover this great piece of land through our list of top things to do in Nunavut. One thing you should know about Nunavut; It does not have normal temperature as it is located next to north pole, so it is way too much cold there as compared to other tourist destinations around…

  • Places to visit in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

    Places to visit in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

    Kota Bharu is the capital city of the state of Kelantan, and also serves as the Royal seat for the current Sultan. It was established in the late 19th century, and was made the capital by Sultan Muhammad the second. There are many amazing places to visit in Kota Bharu, as it is full of unique Kelantanese Malay architecture, and natural beauty. Moreover, it was the place where the Japanese first landed and later captured Singapore, being the battlefield of World War II, it has great stories to tell too. We will be enlisting some of the wonderful places to visit in Kota Bharu. Amazing Places to Visit in Kota…

  • Butterfly Valley Turkey

    Butterfly Valley Turkey

    A heavenly place on earth is Butterfly valley Turkey. This place is covered over 80K sqm and it still untouched by the masses of tourist, few people know about its beauty thats why even after years the place is still lush green and litter free. There are over hundred species of Butterflies there so the name. Only way to get to Butterfly valley Turkey is through the sea, there is no airport so only way is through the amazing sea,There’s an alluring waterfall along with canyon and on the other side there is a river flowing, Turkey government has established some rules to protect the natural heritage of this amazing…